I need vcas,but...Veils or Blinds and Shades?

Hi everyone! Im still a little bit as a beginner and i need VCAs cause sometimes my sounds are to loud or not enough,so i need vcas but i also need something when its not enough loud…so i dont know…Maybe Shades and Blinds is the choice? Thanks to you!

First of all Shades is not a VCA, it’s an active attenuator/polarizer/mixer, but does not have CV control.
Since you mention being new to VCAs maybe it’s worth pointing out that VCA stands for “voltage controlled amplifier”, which means that what the circuit does is to amplify a signal and offer CV control over the amount of amplification.

If you just need to lower the volume without the need to control this via CV then Shades is great, but of course getting something like Veils or Blinds will let you do the same, and much more.

To be able to help you a bit more we’d need to know more about what you want to accomplish though, as usual is all about the details.

“VCA” is a bit of a misnomer, in fact, because I don’t know of any VCA modules that actually amplify a signal.

They should really be called “Voltage Controlled Attenuators”.


Veils is a really useful VCA.

One particularly useful feature which is relatively rare in VCA modules is the offset/level knobs.

These make it possible to use it as a mixer, with manual control of level, or apply a scaling factor to eg an envelope to scale the maximum level of the output signal.

It also has a flexible normalisation scheme, so you can mix some channels, while processing others independently.

Both Veils (gain 10) and Intellijel Quad VCA (gain 2) does.


Shades is also great, especially for processing CV signals.

I also used it as a basic audio mixer, when I first started out in Euro, but there are better options for that.

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I stand corrected. Should probably have known Veils does. I guess because I use it all the time for mixing duties, I didn’t have any other mixer/VCA modules to compare it to.

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But I think that’s a tip at how great a module it is. You can use it as a super clean VCAttenuater without ever pushing it into amplification. Or you can go full on nasty drive and distortion. And the dial that back on channel 2.


.Thats a good answer for someone like me;…If we use it all the time then i need it!Ok,thanks i took a Veils,…and a Shades too

Thank you Jensu,i took a Veils and a Shades.

Thank you!

Thks but i want to stay in Mutable if possible…


@pichenettes makes great modules, but gave up a while ago on the idea of making a complete set of ‘bread-and-butter’ modules, so don’t be too dogmatic about sticking to Mutable Instruments products.

You’re likely to need to look at other manufacturers modules to fill in the gaps in the MI range before too long.

I’m not saying “don’t buy everything @pichenettes makes” (because you should :wink: ), it’s just you’re going to need other stuff too, as your setup expands.

And Mr.Pichenettes, would be the second to agree with that!!

Hey I still like doing “plumbing” modules :slight_smile:

The largest gap so far was sequencing, but many people find that Marbles is actually the Mutable sequencer. So a complete system is doable (especially when Clouds’ successor is introduced).


I’d definitely call Mr.P for my plumbing needs! :slight_smile:

You do, and we’ve been discussing them here.

There are quite a few basic “plumbing” modules you don’t do, though, and I don’t think you necessarily need to create them, for the sake of people wanting an “all-Mutable” system.

I’m thinking of multiples (with more than 3 outputs), trigger combiners, input and output modules etc.

Don’t get me wrong; if you did make these, I’d undoubtedly buy them (as would many others, I’m sure).

A Mutable take on a switch/multiplex/matrix could be interesting. In the vein of Stages, where functions a defined through patching, but with some of the chance and random inspired by Marbles and Branches.

A Mutable take on a switch/multiplex/matrix could be interesting.

It is interesting indeed :slight_smile:

Why would randomness be a feature of a switch/multiplex module? Why not do this with external random CVs?