I Need This Pipe Organ House

I saw this.

Now I need it!

I already have a dryer for it!

I am being 100% serious with this. The goal is to get 43333 3$ donations. Can I cure Ebola? No. Can I buy a house with a pipe organ? Yes.

I’m actually going to be in Grand Rapids for a week soon. I should request a showing.

@audiohoarde Is your second link broken maybe?

This is the right link


@qp: You should. I would if I was in the area.

@TheSlowGrowth: No idea what happened, but the link did work when I posted it. Thanks for posting the right one while I was away. I have fixed it in the main post now. They may have moved the page as it is screaming popular with 10$ of the 129.9K$ goal!

@t2k: Thanks!

Want to know something funny?

Denver organ house

This house/organ (different to original listing) belongs to one of our clients. But the organ was already sold/donated to a church. How many people build houses around their organs (insert joke here. Insert other joke here).