I need some help from Poland

Hi, I’d love to get my hands on a kit of the FV-1 effects board mentioned in this post

The kit sells from 2 stores in Poland which only ship within poland, so I was hoping I could find someone to act as reseller for me.
Board + shipping would be 155 PLN, which should be something around 36,60€. I’d pay a flat 50€+shipping if someone from Poland could help me get a kit shipped to germany.

You’d do me a huge favor.

Hi, I got mine thanks to the parents of one of my friends. She is in Poland right now, I can always ask her.

Here is my two cents however : for 50€ you can probably find some cheap second hand multi-effects in Germany. I kind of realized that later.

Also keep in mind that the kit comes without enclosure (Ahem, Frank ?) and with short-legged pots…

I know building is always fun but in this case the FV1 is potentially stereo while the kit seems to be mono…so there might be a better design out there.

I haven’t finished building it yet though…

I could even get a brand new FX600 or a Digitech RP55, but I like devices I could repair myself and I like them when they’re as small as possible. Even more so if they have a black PCB like the Ambika - something for the eye ^^
I could always laser myself an enclosure…

It has 2 stereo jacks - I don’t think they would put stereo in and out if it only has mono…?

Have to go to work right now, I’ll get back to you if that was actually an offer you made there.

Yeah sure, I’ll see what I can do.

Sorry to disappoint but I got a Green PCB with the kit :slight_smile:

Personally, im totally satisfied with my Lexicon ;-9

Argh, I’ll have to spray paint it! Green is just nasty.

I don’t know why but I just have a thing for uncommercial devices. They’re not overloaded with features, dont cost half their total value to repair, look way better and don’t hold back on rather crucial features only to sell those seperately. Or not at all (ty M-Audio for letting me program CC outs directly on the keyboard, almost thought thats too much to ask for…).

In this case a used fx processor is either huge or so shabby that you risk breaking it just by looking at it (Behringer…).
And why is anything affordable a footswitch.

@ fcd72 I bet I can fit 10 FV-1 into your Lexicon, size- and price-wise <.<
I wish I could say I’m totally satisfied with the sheer awesome endless effects FL has, but IT’S SOFTWARE! Hulk smash ! My last laptop died beneath my feet and it felt good.

Actually 50€ is dirt cheap. Ordering a PCB would cost 30$, a FV-1 another 20$, the display maybe 15$…Atmega+RS232 thing 5$ and the rest maybe another 10$, shipping fee from various sources not included…How on earth do they sell those for 32€?

Edit: Ooh, I actually got a reply from AVT. Case closed I guess, they’re offering me to ship it :smiley: That was unexpected. But thank you lots anyhow.

@diwib how did you get in touch with them ? I used their contact form to ask whether they ship
outside of Poland but could not get any respond ?

I would like to have one too :frowning:

Oh that’s great then ! :slight_smile:

@cereyanlimusiki uh, well, via e-mail.