I need an interface to take the Roland TD-1 triggers and convert them to MIDI or?

Hey - As the title says - I need to use the triggers from my TD-1 and integrate them into my set-up. The TD-1 comes with whats laughingly called a “brain” - I never wanted to use a Drum Brain anyway - I wanted to tap into the billion fantastic samples IVe bought and made - So I want to take the triggers (which are on TS connectors) and connect to an CV/midi interface. A> Will this work? B. Will the new cvpal (Id need 2 for the amount of triggers).

Self serving some, but im about to sell one of these:


It works pretty well!

so you have trigger signals that you want to have processed?
the cvpal converts incoming midi messages to cv/trigger/gate etc (midi in via USB,analog outs via 1/8" jacks) but not the other way around.
not sure if i understood you correctly.

But if you’ve got an electronic drum kit with module you should be able to take the midi out from your ‘brain’ to connect it to other equipment… The brain will translate the triggers from the pads to midi.

Shiftr - yes it has a drum brain - this is the unit http://www.drummagazine.com/gear/post/roland-hd-1-v-drums-lite/ - it has MIDI out only - I was hoping to bypass this altogether but could be throwing the baby out with the bathwater as it may be the easiest route - I dont know. I thought it would be better to take the triggers individually and match them to x piece (IM thinking maybe even the expert sleepers es-3 and 8xt expander maybe my best bet) so I get better timing. Ulimately I want to trigger samples preferably from my DAW so Roland > cv/midi converter>midi interface> DAW. And also possibly trigger something like an EMU Ultra 4xt or OT or MD.

The drums don’t output CV or gate signals… You ll need a special drum trigger unit for that. And that seems to be exactly what you have…

i used my td-12 midi-out to trigger samples in my daw/ni-batteryand it worked perfect…why would you bypass the converting drum module if it exactly does what you want?!? (or did i miss something here?)

I just read this "The MIDI settings on the HD-1 are also extremely simple. There’s a good chance that buyers of the HD-1 won’t have much use for the MIDI-out connection provided. Each of the instruments transmits on channel 10 as a fixed setting. Also fixed are the MIDI note numbers that each surface will send. For example, if you want your bass drum to fire a particular sound, you’ll need to program your module to have that sound sitting under note number 36. There are separate MIDI note numbers for the open and closed hi-hats (46 and 42), as well as the foot chick sound (44). Position data from the hi-hat pedal is transmitted as control change number 4. While these MIDI controls are extremely basic, they should suit the needs of a beginning player just fine. " So I might actually be fine. I dont have it here at the moment as I couldnt take it on the train with me but reading that, I should be able to assign the cc’s on channel ten and use my midi interface to transmit those to the DAW? THis is 101 stuff guys and thanks for your patience

good luck then

Aerror - did your TD-12 have any type of interfacing or control software where you could assign different cc’s, ect?

i did all the midi/cc-routing directly within the sound module (brain). as far as i know there is no software around and i think it’s neither necessary though i dont know the hd-1.
but if you midi/cc’s are fixed you could connect it to your daw and using for example a software sampler (let’s say native instruments battery or kontakt) and configure them to listen to the needed midi-channel/cc’s.

Thanks Aerror. I thought that would be the case as youd hae to adjust velocity settings, zones for dual and triple pads. Well, looks like thats what Im going to do. Ive only got Kontakt Player though - I use sampler in Live heaps but it doesnt have that function. Im sure there is an M4L patch out there that would do this… Midipal?

live has a midi learn function which also can be adjusted manually so i’m pretty sure you could set up live’s sampler to listen to your cc’s