I might buy a Shruthi-1 kit, but what else do I need?

I will offcourse buy a soldering station and all that jazz, but what else?
I looked at a tutorial for teh smk4 filter, and sometimes it said something like “you might want to put a fancier X, like X there”.
Before I buy I want to be sure…
If I buy the shruthi-1 kit, will I have every component wich I will need to build a fully working synth?!
If not, WHAT exactly do I need?

A Case. Solder. Tools. The SMR-4 MK2 is perfectly fine with all the parts included (indeed its still my favorite Filter for the Shruthi) and will easily compete with every other available Analog Synth. Just Do it - if you need help, we are here!

Multi-meter. Nothing too fancy.

what you read was probably about substituting some parts. (like another display) or adding mods. (like in/out volume pots etc.)
you don`t need that and even if you notice you want that, you can still add it later.
the kit is complete, as it is. only thing you have to order seperate from the shop is the enclosure. (or you can build your own or get in touch with fcd72 if you want the acrylic case with special color/ etc.)

if you wonder, what soldering equiptment to get, search the forum.
if you are not confident about your soldering skills, it could be a good idea to get a small cheap kit from somewhere else first., that you won`t mind screwing up to improve your soldering skills.

Mutable Instruments Boards are well designed and easily solderable, so if you are a skilled craftsman it should be no problem. If you are more on the clumsy Side of manual work precision another simpler kit you don’t mint eventual breaking is a good idea.

@ If you are more on the clumsy Side of manual work precision another simpler kit you don’t mint eventual breaking is a good idea@
fcd72 is perfectly right about that. here are some references

And yes, a multimeter is a good investment. Something around 10€ will do the job perfectly well.

Also, be very strict about building just a little, then measure before plodding on just like it’s described in the building instructions. Otherwise it will be harder to troubleshoot your build.

And read the directions. And then, when you think you understand what to do next, read the directions again! Olivier has done a great job, with the Shruthi and the instructions, but if you are at all like me, too impatient, the best advice I can give you is take your time, make sure you have the right resistor in place before you solder, check the markings and orientation on the ICs before you solder, and then heat up the iron.

Oh, there are 2 tiny things that aren’t in the Kit: 2 16 Pin Sockets for the 74xx595 and 74xx165 Chips on the Digital Board. Theres Plenty of space in the standard case and you should socket these as some of them got accidentally burned lately by not so unclumsy people :wink:

Good answers guys, I got the info I needed. Will buy!
Thanks! :smiley:

You obviously need MIDI and speakers too. Plus a DC PSU.

And he should pay his gravity bill so none of the parts float around while soldering.

I think the electricity bill is important too :slight_smile:


An achievement candy™, obviously.

Careful, the buttons in the kit aren’t chocolate buttons.

Another thing needed: Camera + Internet Aceess to broadcast the Victory !

And a couch so that all your new adoring fans can sit down while your play your Shruthi :wink:


But - to cut a long story short and to ReRail™ this Thread - there is everything in the Kit. Get a soldering Tool, some Pliers, a good flat screwdriver, a simple Multimeter and ready you are to rock the ShruthiVersum.

Oh shitballs guys totally forgot the gravity bill so now my computer is in space! How will I contact the forums now?

…and on that bombshell, it’s time to end this thread! Goodnight everybody! Feels like a good community so far, makes my legs do the happydance! :slight_smile: