I may have broken Blinds

Hey folks.
A while back I started noticing some strange behavior with my Blinds. The response of the LED’s isn’t matching expected behavior. Its a bit difficult to explain, but it seems that when CV is patched into either the main input or mod input, the LED shows red even if it is a positive voltage.

Another example, if you have a clock signal going into a channels mod input, set to fully attenuated +, with the main gain knob set to 0, it will show a strong negative signal, requiring an offset to zero it out. In between the clock pulses, it seems like the LED will still dip back into negative as if it were an envelope.

I fried an AI Synthesis mixer module by plugging in the power connection reversed, and worried that perhaps that may have had some negative impact on Blinds. But I cannot confirm. Perhaps I’ve fried the opamps?

What else might I do to help show my difficulty, and if people do understand what I’m saying, what are my options?

Thanks to anyone who reads this. Cheers.

Send a message on the contact form on the Mutable Instruments website, I’ll give you instructions to return the module.

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Oh wow. Thanks Émilie. I’ll send a message right away.