I made my modular swing

I’ve made three stupendous discoveries this week.

First, I learned how to transpose a sequence on the SQ-1. I love the SQ-1 but I’ve always been a bit frustrated that you can’t easily transpose a set of notes up and down. But I’ve discovered that if you stick to 8-note sequences you can use the A and B channels to shift the sequence about by using the FM input on Plaits, or the Varispeed on the Morphagene. Great stuff.

Second, and best of all, I’ve downloaded an app that lets me swing the sequencer. The SyncKontrol from Korg plugs into the Sync in on the SQ-1 and has a swing function. This is great for giving your modular a bit of a shuffle. Really pleased to have discovered this.

And finally, and I’m embarrassed not to have known this and admit it on this forum, I’ve learned what the Model input on Plaits does… doh!


You could make a swung clock with Maths too, but that would probably not be too efficient in such a small synth. I just mention it as something fun to try if you’re so inclined.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to Google how that works. So much to learn… :slight_smile: