I made a noise video!

Here is a video to accompany a now long-gone limited cassette release of a noise album I recently made as sort of a love letter to the spirit of the harsh noise wall movement. I wrote about my philosophical interest in noise music in the first issue of my zine Deft Esoterica, and will be writing about making a noise tape in issue two.

The crux of the audio is Braids and Benjolin being quite cooked with Ears and Veils, tracked hot into a cassette boombox. Video shot in one lo-fi take by my partner Ola, complete with a guest appearance by our cat Coconut. Enjoy often!

You may enjoy the short feature created by Romain perrot and Andy bolus. Romain does harsh noise wall as Vomir and Andy does noise as Evil Moisture.

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Thanks for sharing! I am familiar with Romain’s work as Vomir, but Andy is new to me, as is Romain’s work outside of Vomir. I look forward to watching the whole (spooky!) video when I have a bit more time available!

The saga continues!