I´m looking for a Midipal to buy

Midipal, Midipal…
Got one for sale?
Thanks for answering!

Try contacting Building MidiGAL | MidiSizer

Thanx a lot, Herr Professor!
Have you tried the MidiGAL? Is ist really the same as MidiPAL?

It can have more features. I’ve own both and stock firmware works the same.

I´m looking for a device that can turn 5-note-chords (sent via MIDI by a Keith McMillan 12-Step) into arpeggios or/and sequences. Do you think the MidiGAL can do that? The notes of the chord arrive “simultaneously”, but in reality they arrive on after the other, just microseconds apart… I want them to be played as an arpeggio.

Midigal/pal can do that with the arp