I´m building a Shruthi Polivoks Keyboard

Looking good!

Have you tried using black caps on the shruthi´s buttons? It would be more consistent with the keyboard´s button color.

Anynone knows where the original knobs are from?

Here are the pictures!

A truly awesome piece of work…congrats !

Woww! Congratulations

I am still planning on doing something like what you have done but probably with a 4PM, programmer and 3 octave keyboard. The last part is turning out to be the tricky bit. Nice work!


@piscione oxygen 49 has 3 octaves…

@Admviolin, it’s 4 octaves and only USB MIDI. I’ve been looking for 3 octaves and real MIDI, quite a challenge.

beautiful! well done!

my solutions to this is a cheap evilBayed 49 Key and a saw…

@fcd72, I have been considering that. Got a nice chainsaw, should work really well.

I think the charming idea here may be that you have a fully working Shruthi AND a still full functional MIDI masterkeyboard (if you like a 25 key). My take here would be the usage of a 61 and of course - a programmer…this is intrigueing - maybe a SMR SDE edition !
Did i mention, that i still need a new keyboard ?
And my evil plan to rule the galaxy with and cheapo JX-3P/JX-8P/Super-JX did not work out yet…

Yes this project has gotten me thinking about going with a standard MIDI controller and embedding a Shruthi rather than keep my so-so Novation X-station which I use for MIDI duties. Very tempting indeed…

A keyboard would make a cozy place for my Ambika to live…

Dare you harm the X-station!

Thank you for all the kind words! The great thing is that it still works as a midikeyboard.
I am very happy with the colorchoice, it feels very CCCP.

@piscione, try an emu X-board 49, there should be plenty of air space for a shruthi under the left side of the panel

Great choice of color. Looks tasty! :slight_smile:

Really cool work sickanovic!

I have done som more artwork for the sides and the front of the synthesizer.
First picture for the sidepanels, the second for the front (i e for example where “Roland” usually is placed). Third picture is what I´d wanted if I could do it in colour :slight_smile: Inspired by Lissitzky.