I´m building a Shruthi Polivoks Keyboard

I decided to build a Polivoks keyboard out of the Shruthi.
I bought a Axiom 25 that i disassembled, designed a frontpanel and bought some red spraypaint.
Designed a frontplate at Schaeffer in 2 mm aluminium, redpainted with yellow text.

All the gear has now landed in my apartment, starting to assemble.
Here´s a small functiontest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPeW8-AfQSc


This is a really cool idea man !

Well, this is the coolest thing I’ve seen all week. Amazing work, Comerade!

Comerade :slight_smile: Thanks! I will post more during the process.

Nice ! And what solution are you choosing to send the midi to the shruthi ? Basic midi Out>In hardwired ?

Thanks! Yes my idea is to hardwire, you have any tips of solution?

Looks mighty good!

It would be very cool to see bigger pictures

Seems like the Axiom 25 is made for Shruthi-1 to fit in.
Great work

Thank you! Yes it´s almost spooky how well it fits!
Here´s some bigger pictures.

If anyones interested in doing a simiilar project I can give you the fpd-file for the panel.

Hi again, and sorry I won’t be able to help you on the midi part, as I haven’t built such a nice project (yet) but I’m still pretty interested, just out of curiosity :slight_smile:
I remember people hard wiring the midi and adding a switch to keep the possibility of feeding the beast with an external midi signal…(or am I dreaming it ?) but I’m sure you’ll find here shruthi specialists willing to advice you in you choices !

The Axiom also has a USB-midiinterface, I will test tonight if that works to send midisignals from my DAW to the Shruthi (via the Axiom).

I plan to do something along these lines, but maybe include a Midipal or similar device to give it a little bit more flexibility.

By the way, through the bigger pictures I can see you did an awesome paint job on the new metal panel!

The Axiom manual says this: By turning on MIDI Out from USB mode (section 4.1), the data coming into the Axiom from the computer will go directly out of the
MIDI Out port and trigger the sounds in the external sound module. This means that your Axiom is effectively acting as a USB to
MIDI interface. In order to channel MIDI data from the computer to the MIDI Out port, you should set the MIDI Output device on
your computer to be the Axiom.
Alternatively, you may want to merge the MIDI data from your Axiom with the data from the computer. This would allow you to play
and record to a sequencer, and play back the entire performance on a sound module connected to the MIDI Out port of your Axiom.
To do this:
< Set MIDI Out from USB mode on (section 4.1).
< Select the Axiom as the MIDI Input device in your sequencer.
< Select the Axiom as the MIDI Output device in your sequencer

That is very nice work, congratulations!

Just tried this function and it works, that means i don´t need any other equipment!

@sickanovic: very nice work indeed


well this is fanastic…

awesome work

Did some work today, it turned out better than expected!
Missing some knobs…