I love you tides v2

Tides v2 i love you.
I think i may need two.
Slushy little oscillator.

Is the wavefolder on tides the same as the one in warps?
I ask because it would be so nice to send everything through that rubbery gooeyness.


No, the one in Warps is modelled around the Buchla “Timbre” circuit, while the one on Tides/Tides2 is just a formula made-up from scratch. You can compare both on Plaits’ (the Tides flavor on OUT, the emulated Buchla flavor on AUX).


Both are nice, but the tides one is more gooey.
Love goo.

So thats too bad, but I guess fming tides with whatever through the wavefolder is as great as anything :slight_smile:

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