I love you tides v2

Tides v2 i love you.
I think i may need two.
Slushy little oscillator.

Is the wavefolder on tides the same as the one in warps?
I ask because it would be so nice to send everything through that rubbery gooeyness.


No, the one in Warps is modelled around the Buchla “Timbre” circuit, while the one on Tides/Tides2 is just a formula made-up from scratch. You can compare both on Plaits’ (the Tides flavor on OUT, the emulated Buchla flavor on AUX).


Both are nice, but the tides one is more gooey.
Love goo.

So thats too bad, but I guess fming tides with whatever through the wavefolder is as great as anything :slight_smile:

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Question about Tides V2 audio rate operation

I am trying to use the Pressure Points to control the shift /level , so I can use each of the four pads to recall a specific CV setting.
For some reason it does not work, and I cant wrap my head around on how this is not working.

Any idea why?

Cable PP>Tides is not plugged in. :innocent:

For real, only idea i have: PP gives us only positive voltages and with the settings shown in the pic they would not make the biggest difference and/or hard to dial in with that attenuverter setting. I’d

  • set Shift/Level knob fully ccw
  • set one pad from PP to max and set the Shift/Level attenuverter to the maximum point you want PP to affect Shift/Level (thinking of PP’s cv ‘turning’ the knob clockwise for u)
  • then dial in the 4 PP pads to my liking

But yeah, maybe 11 o’clock is your starting point and u wanna alter it ccw and i’m completely off.

Btw just noticed PP’s top row output is 0 to 8V and the two below 0 to 5.5V

Ahahah yeah of course. I did all combinations of knob and and att. But I get like an FM type of modulation when PP is patched

I should probably record a video to show whats going on

Here what Is happening


Is this specific to this connection (PP to Tides2’s LEVEL/SHIFT input)? Could it be because the modules are located in two different cases (ground loop)?

Have you tried other combinations such as:

  1. Using the PP to modulate another CV input of Tides?
  2. Using the PP to modulate a CV input of another module in the same case as Tides?
  3. Using the PP to modulate a CV input of another module in the same case as the PP?
  4. Using another module in the same case as the PP to modulate this specific CV input of Tides?
  5. Using another module in the same case as Tides to modulate this specific CV input of Tides?
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Nailed it!

  1. Same unexpected behavior!
  2. Unexpected behavior
  3. Works as expected
  4. Works as expected
  5. Works as expected

Also, using PP to modulate a module on a 3rd case works as expected.

I remember somewhere people complaining about grounding issues with the PP or René. Maybe you should try contacting Makenoise about this! Also, check how each case is connected to ground.

Your unwanted FM is probably at 50 or 60 Hz :slight_smile:

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Sweet trigonometry!

You are awesome, thank you!

Just wanted to circle back and say that I resolved the issue by patching unused jacks between the two cases: that had PP finally behave as expected.
No ideas what causes that, but hey thought to share in case someone experience something similar.

I’ve had to do that to resolve some strange issues between cases. I eventually used a heavier wire (18GA I think?) with lug connectors at each end, attached to front panel screws.