I Love Him, He Love Me, that’s Enough

Once I got to known a man who is not that handsome, not that rich. He also even can not express himself with sweet words to me as well as doing the romantic things. He is just a simple man with a heart of deep love for me.

He always playing basketball with his friends which is his hobby. Then as long as I stay besides him I will observe the match with his clothes and water in hands. He is a good basketball player. When he plays the basketball, even his back looks handsome. This moment I feel content enough with a looking at him in silence. Sometimes when we look into each other’s eyes inadvertently, he will response me with a smile. His smile looks beautiful and clear. When he smiles to me, I just look at him motionlessly with no words. Actually, It is enough to me.

He understands me well, and can even realize my changeable emotions. When I smile in a bad mood, he also can realize it. When I do not want to speak, he can understand my feelings an long as I have a look at him. I am not as innocent as what I looks which is only known by him. Also I am not so much generous which is known by him. As a matter of fact I am not clever, he also knows. He just knows everything about me. Sometimes I will not tell him about what I have know and continue to playing the fool. However he explain it to me again and again. Eventually, I once heard he saying: I love you to me. He likes taking a walk with me hand in hand. Along the road we enjoy scenery with several stops. His hands often excrete sweat, but I do not blame him because once I have heard a piece of words like this:The boy who loves you sincerely his hands will excrete sweat. At least I exist in his mind.

He loves me, I also love him. He is not naive. he is mature. He can preserve me. He understands me. He makes a pet of me. He often worries about me. He is just himself who is nobody can replace. I love him even though he is not that handsome, not that rich. But he loves me, I love him. That is enough and the most important.

Good for you!

It’s hard to find a good man these days, I hear. Since this is in the feedback section, is it about Olivier?


Hmmm… Turing tests are getting tougher these days.

particularly when the bots are putting out such heartfelt peaens to lurve.

I read about an interesting study on chat bots on porn chat sites - before video took off. apparently many of the chatters didn’t realize that the bots were bots. too busy focusing on their jollies.

Internet (or porn?) allows for a lower Turing test threshold?

this is a pr*n chat here???

Looks like…unsatisfied housewife chat !

I so hope that’s a bot…

"He makes a pet of me"
Now thats interesting.

what’s the point though of making a bot’s first post basically say, “hello, i’m a bot, please ban me”?
shouldn’t it rather say something like "get your cheap fake rolex here
(enter ‘head scratching’ emoticon here)

Maybe the significant other of one of our esteemed members is trying to tell us something?

hm, you mean something like, “face it guys, playing basketball is a more effective mating strategy for heterosexual males than building and hoarding synthesizers”?

maybe it’s some viral nike or reebok marketing thing?

[edit:] but maybe they got it wrong. maybe it would be a better strategy for nike etc to embrace us synth nerds as a target group and come up with their first eurorack module. maybe something that allows you to use your pulse as a master clock and your blood pressure as a cv source or something…

Grammar is completely off, but still uses uncommon words like ‘inadvertently’ and ‘excrete’. Did any of you buy a russian wife recently?

strange habits you have, ByteFrenzy…

Powering on for the first time a board that took me weeks to design and hours to solders makes my hands excrete sweat. Is that a valid alternative to basketball?

Can we even call this a derailment?

well, i tried my best, but i must admit that this one is really tough to derail.


ugh, you mean, vanessa is just an iphone on a stick?