I love Colleen!

I love Colleen! Her music is very dear to me and this story of this gift from Emilie is heartwarming!
And so are the rest of her stories on her facebook page where is sharing her process of recording a new album.


Ooh, a hidden unreleased module…I see a freeze button :hushed:

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I also love Colleen - excited to hear what she creates with beautiful Mutable Instruments!

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I’d never heard of her before, but what I’ve had a listen to today sounds gorgeous

We all know that the successor of Clouds is coming very soon, The question is when.
To see a new hidden module with a freeze looks promising on the date of release… :blush:
So the module seems ready, certainly it’s the mass production who is delayed with the covid-thing.
Hope it’ll be 14 HP (or less) like it seems to be to replace my nanocell.
Thanks Émilie for your work and your generosity ! :pray:

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I hope it’s just the right size for its function.

@pichenettes You have excellent taste in who to sprinkle gifts upon.

wow, cannot wait to hear what she makes with this.

this record of hers is incredible! A flame my love, a frequency | Colleen

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I listened to A Flame My Love, A Frequency this afternoon, stunning.

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