I just wanna say

I could read that text under the mutable url on the 4 pole mission poster…What up, world

Yup! It looks really legal…

Anyone else chuckle at the names? Or should I say L.O.L.? :wink:

now let’s see who figures out the patterns… there’s a strict logic behind those names.
We’ve spent sleepless nights making them up btw. :slight_smile:

Yup! I saw the slight fishyness the first time I laid eyes on those. Let’s see if someone else gets it :smiley:

Fnar fnar!

CheeseNoOnions $ Jojjelito: no legal enough, since you could read it. blimey! I knew I should have written it smaller :smiley:

Naah, you did good!
If you want to get real tricky you could embed your message as pixellated fonts just a shade or two different from the background in case someone filters your picture :wink:

I’ll do that next time, great idea! :smiley:

I can read it as well - but i have a 27" screen…

So do I, but my 15" MBP (Hi-res anti-glare) is with me in my couch in front of some violent TV (Spartacus Vengeance) at the moment…

This was easy, to get what’s in the names - but can you see, what are these?

(Helsinki Art Museum, Finland)

That’s a facebook classic! Unfortunately this one had comments that gave it away, so don’t read those to save you from any spoilers while thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

Det är sant, du ska inte läsa dom! (=do not read the comments!)

Nice job on the artwork rumpelfilter! Awesome!

Istran: took me about 3 seconds to get those (not to reveal too much the big-striped-pants-that-supposedly-make-you-look-less-fat part brought me to the idea, and then the yellow faces did the rest) :slight_smile:

Titus: thanks a lot!