I just stumbled on this synth....wow!

OK have you guys seen this thing?

It sounds fat, you can get 8 of these and you have a poly analog synth in your palm! What do you guys think?

I am trying to figure out a way to use it without a PC since I don’t have one in my rig.

Too much menu diving and not enough panel-mounted knobs per function. :grin:

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Its not going to work without a PC (or Mac). And i’ve not read that multiple units can be chained for polyphonic use either?
It is very neat though! And it doesn’t sound bad either, but to be honest, im not sure that it sounds any better than good software does these days. And given that it relies on software to use, then I may as well use software to begin with.

Sorry if thats overly negative… Perhaps if I didn’t have gear stacked up to the rafters and a computer full of software already i’d be keener on it myself.

Still, it’s definitely impressive that an analogue synth fits and works from a USB stick :clap:

Ah I was thinking I could singlehandedly persuade them to do a polychain feature. I’m just shocked how much they squeezed into so little space. For me, I don’t really like knobs on the synth because I program everything before performing, little live tweaking, so I prefer small module units. The oscillators really sound big. I may have to get a PC eventually, I also have tons of gear, which is why smaller is better for now… I also don’t have a polivoks filter yet :grinning: