I implanted Braids into an Arturia Minibrute

I like the Minibrute very much for its live capabilities. The only thing to wish I could think of was an additional macro oscillator :wink:
So I built a custom Braids board to fit into the tight space of the Minibrute. The display is a smaller-sized extra board to sit behind the panel. Based on the schematics published by Yusynth I figured out the circuit points to hook up Braids. Now it’s possible to tune Braids to the brute’s pitch an also mod pitch by the LFO and the vibrato. The timbre CV of Braids is modulated by the brute’s metallizer circuit by ENV and LFO. The audio signal can be faded in by the Ext. fader like any other oscillator wave form.
Finally, I added a nice label the fits nicely to the Minibrute’s layout.

That is really fun and works perfectly!

I made a scheme of the interconnections and a documentation of the circuit hook up:

Here I documented the build process:


Super cool! How does it sound?

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Oh wow that’s really cool! Might feel more straightforward to play and use than a microfreak!


Very Cool!

can you use the brute osc to fm braids (or vice versa?). i’m not familiar w the microbrute so maybe this is obvious or impossible?

This looks great! I guess in a way this is anti-modular but personally I prefer tailored/customized instruments like this over completely modular systems.

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Braids and Brute can not FM each other. That’s out of Minibrute’s concept.

But Braids is tuned right to the center of the fine tune range of the Brute and is not affected by this knob. So it’s possible to detune Braids and Brute by the fine tune dial - that sounds very fat :sunglasses:

Some more details:


Wow, that’s impressive.

very cool and impressive work!!!

That’s very cool!

This is awesome! Planning to share the layout for others who might want to give something like this a go? Separate analog/digital sections alone probably means it was laid out more skillfully and much faster than I’d ever be able to!

One might say… you mutated your Minibrute.

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Amazing mod! I bet this would be so fun to play with. Thanks for sharing!

Great idea!

Can the Minibrute’s PSU supply enough current for Braids or did you make alternative arrangements?

Perhaps rename it Microborg?:nerd_face:

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I just wired Braids to the Brute’s +/-12V supply and it worked. Hopefully the Brute PSU has enough headroom…:crossed_fingers:

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Awesome! :smiley: I’d love to hear this one, will you post a video once it’s working? :slight_smile:

Hi Picard! Amazing build! I’am currently hacking my minibrute and some one from muffwiggler came up with this!

Could you share the PCB build files?! Would be amazing!