I haven't read the Buchla but I've seen the film

The love child of Grids and CycliC.

What is this thing in the middle supposed to be? A rotating disk?

HAHA! I love the fact that they quoted the text about the sound of the hippie Buchla from Tom Wolfe’s classical text.

Maybe it’s a blisk that broke free from the confines of some ridonkulously complicated high-bypass jet engine? Maybe it’s a key to Stonehenge? Or a Mayan calender? Or just a decoder disk from an old comic book? Who knows. Innaresting…

The disc with different numbers of segments in each concentric ring is a touch-sensitive panel, like the Buchla keyboards, I’m told. Presumably used to select parts of a polyrhythm? Dunno.

an amazing piece of module that will be used to create polyphonic blippettiboopzipdripditydropdrop nonsense.

Another piece for guys (partially like me) that have to decided neither drive a Porsche or play Golf instead getting a Modular - and love driving around with a modular thats more expensive than their cars, even though the drive an X5. I can’t afford a X5, so I’m locked to these Mutable Instruments cheapo Modules…… :wink:

I feel a midipal app coming on…

@fcd72: Apparently Buchla is collaborating with Tesla to build a new electric car in LA. The only details known so far is that you need to insert a banana plug into the dash to switch it on, that the controls-by-wire systems for steering, accelerator and brakes use vactrols, and that it makes bongo warning sounds when you put it in reverse.

I’m glad it’s a banana plug, I would hate to see the banana people angry at the non-banana people yet again.

Arent Bananas these things for Apes?

After reading some things on Muffs, I am starting to wonder.

Banana patching has a way better flow than the usual 6.35/1/4" or 3.5mm systems can offer. However, now that Stackcables are usable after the initial quality snafu it’s no longer a Banana exclusive.

Reading too much Muffs can make you go blind and grow hair on the inside of your palms from all the unashamed gear porn! Yarr!

I’m just going to do a software recreation of it and release it for $0.99 in the App Store.


Inspired by this, apparently.

Oooh, shiny!

I’d let it do me if it came up to my side looking all desperate :slight_smile:

Toll™ Now i want a Buchla.

It has caused a lot of Buchla hoopla.

The real question is: will i have to sell my House or my first born Son for this?

BEMI gear can be a lot of things, but cheap it ain’t. Worth the money? Eee, I’ll pass on that one before there’s controversy.