I Did It!

@fcd72 I just confirmed an order with Sequentix for the Cirklon with CVIO and 19" rackmount BOB. Happy days.

I’m impressed. Still wish i had bought that genoqs

@fitvideo Expensive decision, but I am sure it’ll be worth it :wink:

Yay Welcome to the exclusive Club of Big C Owners (and soon to bees). I think over 1% of C.s are owned by Shurthizens™ now :wink:
Ask Barbara if Collin signs your C.

I will do that… She is quite slow at replying to emails… :wink:

I’m sure it will ,
I have this rare beast arriving today … one of three in existence at the moment.
Now I have to test and write a manual for it :wink:

Fine choice, sir! I stayed up too late last night just to try the latest update. Global midi transpose for all tracks… Anushri was pleased.

So tb323, youkon, me and supercollider are on the list… anyone else??

perhaps later …

@tb323 I think fcd72 would have probably hunted me down and tortured me if I had chosen anything else…

But I am still nervously awaiting Barbara’s reply so that it is 100% confirmed…

Id like to offer to all my fellow combined Shruthizen™ / Big C Owners an Eurorack CVIO Breakout Panel as BeerBox-Ware . . .

Even though I’m a very happy MBseq v4 owner I could always go for a big C at some later point. Or a TKB clone, or…

The first sequencer in line for me is the MidiALF :slight_smile:

I have an idea how you could fund the C.

Oh… damn this forum… i didn’t know that i need a new sequencer worth 1.5k€ before…
Now i know it…and when money is starting to grow on trees i will buy one mighty big C.
Until then i have to look what the MSseqV4 can do for me…

Unless… what is your idea about funding, fcd?^^

I guess involves the sale of a certain something to fcd72…

you are sadly out of the game derkollo as you probably don’t have anything valuable to trade with me - you are like QuiGon stranded on Tatooine :wink:

I have a limited XBase999 version…but i would never give it away…and even if i do…it wouldn’t be enough for the C… life seems to be so hard right now…

So the Cirklon looks pretty tactile… And last night I found a gentleman on gearslutz who has cerebral palsy and is totally blind, he is in need of a hardware sequencer that isn’t strapped to a keyboard. Though its price is some atmospheres up, do you think it could work for that buddy o’er there?

@derkollo: Herr Daniels and I just like to go on about how he can get his mitts on my Sequential Circuits model 2400 synthesizer. Would I trade it for a big C? Not likely :smiley:

The MBseq V4 can do OSC, and there’s an Abelton Clip-style controller you can build and attach (BLM - Button LED Matrix), so while there’s a lot of overlap with the big C, then there’s some things on both fronts that are unique.

There are those who say that the big C have more sequencer tricks up its sleeve, the mighty V4 can be controlled via Lemur on an iPad using OSC plus you have the BLM. Ideally one should have both, or something…

The C is very very touchy; the White buttons are original Cherry ones you might know from the days back when a computer Keyboard was Capital good, not just a piece of plastic you throw away when you spilled some coffee, the encoders feel superb and the average Abrams M1 / Leopard two is build like a Cirklon. Not the other way round. So why not, i never had such a fine piece of sequencing Hardware before.