I Can't Sync the Anushri Internal Drum Rhythms with the Ableton Live! [SOLVED]

I have a serious problem with the anushri drums, i have connected with Audio / Midi device Motu Traveler MK3 from mac and running Ableton Live and sent midi rhythms to the midi channel 10, then when i need to play extra rhythms at the same time from anushri drum seq this is not sync well and need to stop the seq to find the beat with start again :frowning:
Do you know how anyone how can i have the anushri seq (run/stop) synced well with ableton live?

I hope somebody can help me because i need the sync function for live performance!


Have you set the tempo on Anushri to its minimum value? Is ableton live sending a MIDI clock?

Yes of course i have the tempo in minimal value!
yes i have set the sync in midi interface but i’m thinking the ableton sending only midi notes.
the internal seq of the anushri drum play when i push the play in ableton live but is not syncing


What do you mean by “is not syncing”? Do you get a different tempo? Is it playing too slow or too fast?

yes play in the same tempo but slow, not in the right meter!

may need to play with the ms of the midi clock sync delay function in ableton live preference?

or its not right?

Are you listening thru a soundcard? It could be you have a very large audiobuffer setting causing a big latency in your computer.

yes i use the midi from the sound card and listen from the same sound card

Search for “Clock resolution” in the manual and set the resolution to 24ppqn.

i have the resolution in 24ppqn but the problem is same

my connection is sound card - preenfm - anushri, but the delay is the same when i connect the sound card - anushri.
now i have -46ms sync delay in moth traveler mk3 output midi port and is little better, but may is other the problem and need -46ms?

What is you audio latency setting?

the buffer size is 512 then
the input latency is 12.6 ms
the output latency is 12.6 ms
overall latency 25.1ms

That latency looks big. Bear in mind I’m drunk but go thru the manual/tutorial for latency and make sure you use this
Its the best all round driver

i have macbook pro

WTF ? 25 ms latency in roundtrip…that is way too much !

Go buy a small mixer and route everything thru your shiny new console. All latency issues (besides Ableton being behind) will be gone as Anushri and PreenFm are both damn tight.
25ms is pretty much the time a 4MHzPicAxe takes to solve Fermats Last Theorem or to melt a Glacier with just the heat from decomposing a Strawberry

RTFM and adjust your audio settings.