I believe I found the guy who ruins deliveries

And here is Video Proof of how reckless he is.

Notice how he has no regard for his own groceries.

What in the name of f…

I know, some delivery people need to be more responsible with their fragile packages. They can’t just be driving about all willy-nilly with precious cargo in the back.


I wondered when someone would post the other video. I hope that we get to meet his family in the next video “Home for Dinner”.

I looked up how he did all this and it’s just a composite from 3DS max. Pretty slick

Yep, it is a pretty photo-realistic render. The first video was a very impressive technical feat. This new one was just funny. The part with the car spinning out of nowhere has me cracking up every time.
The Jean Jaques Perry Moog music also makes it relevant to this forum somehow.