How to update shruthi firmware

is there somewhere that tells me the different ways to update firmware and how i do this?

Power it on with S6 held down, every other LED will light up. Send it the sysex or midi file (slowly), the LEDs will light one at a time as an indicator of progress

The other way would be to use an AVR programmer

can i use a mini brute as an interface to send midi sysex data?

I have no idea. If it does usb to midi then it might work but sysex support seems to be an afterthought on modern interfaces but if you have one, try it. I like Electron C6 for sysex transfers, dead simple. Make sure you slow the speed down

The minibrute doesnt seem to send sysex.

Ok tried it guys thanks but now I think I really messed my shruthi up with older issues