How to tune the SMR4 in order to play it with other instruments?

Hi guys,

Im just done assembling the SMR4.

It works fine but i cannot get a real perfect C with the 1st preset (midi tuning varies from 16 to 18 and i think 15 would be perfect…)

But my main problem is that when I swap from one preset to another the tuning is really different and ABCDEFG etc… are never the same from one preset to another…

Is this how its supposed to be? Then how can you play with other instruments without sounding detuned???

I think i missed something, right???


This has nothing to do with the filter board.

Some presets are using some detuning to “fatten” the oscillators. Some oscillators algorithms like “pad” (used in the first preset) are simulating several detuned sawtooth waves stacked together. Some presets have the two oscillators set one fifth apart. The “fuzz” mixing algorithm distorts the signal and add some 3rd harmonics which are 1 octave + 1 fifth higher than the played note.

All in all, it’s likely that the tuning differences you report are normal. You can use the master tune setting (Tun, on the page as the MIDI channel) to tune the overall pitch up or down.

Note that the next firmware revision increases the accuracy with which pitch can be adjusted.

mmmmmmh i see…

thanks for your answer and your synth really seems to be a good piece of hardware…
cant wait for a polyphonic version!