HOW to stop sequencer? And save a sound with using compare function

I guess that many Shruthi-1 users use that internal seq/arp a lot but i’d like to use it mainly as sound module. I just built mine so it could be possible that i would find solution to this by myself (eventually) but… i am impatient! Couldn’t find answer from manual:
There was mentioned that certain note can be used to trigger on/off but it was only for “rec: bar looper”.

How about this?
How to save sound using compare function to a new location? I’d like to check which sound i am going to overwrite with new one. I had to try over 10 times without success.
Most times i ended up losing new edited sound or saving that new one over another without hearing which sound got overwritten…
I guess that it’s easiest for me to make sure that certain locations are free before creating new sounds. Keeping lets say, locations 140-144 always free would make sure that when i create couple new sounds i know that saving those do not overwrite any wanted sounds.
Maybe firmware or manual could be edited to make this things more clear? Or am i only one who suffers with this things?

About that sequencer/arp playing-too-much-data problem, where i couldn’t get this thing muted except by rebooting - i think i found out the issue. I had MIDI out mode set to Full and same time having IN & OUT cables connected.

What reference manual says about Full mode: “In this mode, every incoming message is forwarded to the Midi output. In addition, NRPNs and Data entry messages capturing the knob movements are inserted into the MIDI stream and written to the MIDI out. These messages can be used to record knob movements in a sequencer, or to synchronize 2 Shruthi-1 in Unison mode.”

  • in normal mode, nothing is running so there’s nothing to stop.
  • in arp mode, it stops as soon as all keys are released.
  • in arp+lt mode, you need to play 8 keys simultaneously to stop.
  • in seq mode, it stops as soon as all keys are released.
  • in seq+lt mode, you need to play twice the same key to stop.

In all modes, a MIDI “stop” message does the trick.

Regarding compare:

  • Edit your patch
  • Press S6
  • Browse the patches until you find a location you want to write to
  • Click the encoder to bring back to the patch you were editing
  • Press S6 to bring the save confirmation page
  • Click the encoder. You are now browsing patches in “compare” mode.
  • Once you have found the memory location you want to save to, click the encoder again to bring back your patch.

Thanks for an answer, i’m gonna practice with that compare function -and UI in general, i’m sure that i adapt it sooner or later. =)

I tried this and found saving with compare to be plain and simple after all, at least now when i knew what to.

Earlier synths would have lost that edited patch right away when moving out, step 3 in your step by step directions --^