How to reset?

Hello All,

While I am waiting to find sometime to build my 4PM and Anushri kits I was able to grab a built Yellow Magic edition on ebay.

My first impression is it’s a crazy little synth with huge sound.

As it is used previously; I would like to make sure that I start from scratch.

Can somebody guide me how can I reset it to factory settings ?

Thanks in advance

Play this file into the unit.

Is there any listen mode that I need to set the unit ?
Is it supposed to be that LCD shows some progress or indication for communication ?

I use Mac OS X Lion with SysEx Librarian to send the file

JUst send this Sysex file, it will overwrite the whole memory.

Thanks @fcd72

By the way I found my answers to my questions about indicator & progress on unit ( holly search :slight_smile: ) in another thread where @pichenettes says

“you should see a “progress bar” pattern on the LEDs ; and a “+” on the LCD. If you see a “#” on the LCD the SysEx has been wrongly received.”

@pichenettes How can I be a contributor to the wiki ?

that post was probably about the firmware update

I tried to send sysex file via C6 and my midi interface but since then I am hearing annoying low frequency noise in my audio output :frowning:

Update : Found the problem; filter type set to ssm now I set as dly and problem is gone.

Is it normal to hear a low frequency noise for short time when you power the unit up ?
Is it supposed to be L3 and L7 lit on boot screen ?

yups, startrekky sound can be normal with the ym delay

Hello @fcd72

Can you explain a little bit ? Why is this normal ?

I think it’s initialisation of delay chip (PT2399), right ?

It takes a few hundreds milliseconds for the Shruthi-1 to boot and start communicating with the DAC which feeds the delay time/delay level, and the PWM timers which set the feedback levels. Until the delay receives the default time/feedback values from the Shruthi, it is basically freewheeling with a super high feedback and short delay time ; and it gets at its input the “pop” from the DC blocking capacitors getting into action. This makes the startrek sound. Then the processor takes over and shoots all the parameters down.