How to reset all Shruthi data to factory state

While testing some patch management stuff and I have managed to mess up the internals of my Shruthi. When I press switch 6 I can play patches, but when I select any of the other switches everything gets a rough digital distortion.

I have uploaded the firmware again, and also uploaded the factory_data.syx from the github repository. The digital distortion is still there, the first 16 patches kept their data and names so the internal eeprom patches seem untouched, but the factory patches (> #16) are overwritten.

How could it be that my Shruthi is still corrupt even though I’ve uploaded the firmware? I have tried a different version too just to be sure it was updated and the version number did change in the display.

How can I get the internal eeprom to reset? I found the internal_eeprom.hex file, but I can’t upload that in my Sysex librarian tool, since it requires syx or mid files.

I’m guessing I corrupted the “unused” part of the internal eeprom. And that’s not being overwritten by the firmware and the factory settings.

From the manual:

0x0000 – 0x0010 System settings
0x0010 – 0x05d0 16 internal patches
0x05d0 – 0x07d0 16 internal sequences
0x07f0 – 0x0800 unused*

(*)The unused part is now holding extra System settings for note triggers

Is there an easy way to convert this hex in to syx or mid? Or does anyone have the internal eeprom in this filetype?

Hmmm that’s weird. Are you sure the filter board and programmer settings have not been modified by mistake?

I don’t see why having corrupted data in the “system settings” section of the internal eeprom would cause digital trash when navigating through the menus.

Are you sure you have the correct filter type setting?

Damn it yes that was it! :slight_smile: I was using the 4pm and it was reset to lp filter. Good news is that I the data transfers are now ok. Just curious what are the ! and # about in the display when transferring data?

It’s explained in the manual.

As to why you get them, “!” is normal given that eeprom saves block audio generation. “#” is a bit more surprising, but might happen if the interval between your SysEx messages is too short.

Thanks that’s to know. I have increased the transfer interval from my editor from 100 to 250ms and it’s looking good now!