How to program anushri

So I have found a place where I can buy the anushri PCBs and panel. I was thinking about buying the rest of the components so I can build it for eurorack use but I was not able to find any info on how to program a blank MCU with the last updated firmware. Any specific programmer interface that I should use?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

There’s a (much) earlier thread for downloading the latest firmware. You can build it yourself if you’d like (the repo has a makefile), but I recommend just using a pre-compiled firmware and bootloader, since you may run into dependency issues if you’re not using a sanitized dev environment of some kind and the challenges of setting up the upload tool can be tricky.

I used one of these AVR ISP thingies. They’re finicky, especially figuring out how to set it up and prepare your command-line tools (see this tutorial for setting up avrdude). If running make bootstrap_all from the home directory of the git repo doesn’t work, you can try running the individual pieces of the command bit by bit.

I’ve built and uploaded firmware for Anushri, Shruthi, and Ambika. The hardest, by far, was Shruthi, and I was forced to find a precompiled firmware because I couldn’t build it locally. Ambika took some experimentation to build it correctly. Anushri, amazingly, ran the first time. It’s worth reading the building documentation for Shruthi and Ambika, too - their firmware upload sections may prove informative.

Anushri is an incredible little machine and well worth the hassle of untangling these issues.