How to mod a phaser pedal for line level?

Hello DIYers

I’ve been wanting to build a sort of multi fx of guitar pedals (phaser, chorus, flanger) using kits from musikding and BYOC. But my intention is not to use the fx with guitar, rather I want to use them with line level sources (synths, samplers). So I’d like to mod the circuits to better accept line level sources and to output line level signal on the other end. Only little problem in the way of doing this is… I haven’t got a clue how to do it. :) I’ve searched for a tutorial, some one else who’s done this or similar. I didn’t find much, but I found this site. He’s done exactly what I want to do with the three circuits I’m planning on building. But I can’t translate it to the circuits I want to build. Now I’m asking you guys if you can help me out with this. I’d like to try it first with the simplest of the three circuits a clone of the MXR phaser 90 from musikding. Here is the schematics for that one.

I’d be very grateful if some could help me out with this. And maybe it can be of interest to others as well.

i use analog phaser and chorus pedals with my euro stuff all the time. just attenuate on the way into the pedal, and boost on the way out.

this liitle box works a treat.

That was my plan to begin with. I actually have a Line2Amp. But then I realized it must be bad for the signal-to-noise ratio, first attenuating then boosting. A hotter signal all the way through should be more ideal, right? Kind of strange that there’s so very few analog fx-units dedicated for line level sources.

i think you’re probably overthinking it. you will get decent results just attenuating the line level a few db and running it through the pedal. if it sounds good, it is good. line2amp is plenty good for my needs anyway.

Check out CatGirl Synth Ken has a PCB for sale that allows you to interface fx pedals to modular synths

Maybe I’m overthinking it and maybe I can get an ok result with the re-amping route. But I really want to try to modify the circuit so I don’t have to go through that extra processing to use the effect. I think I will build the circuit but solder “sockets” at the place for the components that I think can be of importance in the preamplification and the post attenuating process. That way I can use trial and error to see what components gives the best result.