How to install the light pipes in the Ambika metal case?

I finally got around to finishing the ambika/case I ordered when it was announced it was discontinued. The electrical parts were too bad (but there were so very many!) but I’m about to lose my mind finishing the case assembly. That being said, I’m about to lose my mind with getting the light pipes to work. No matter how I try to finesse it, they always fall down into the case when I turn it right side up. I’ve tried:

1) Putting the black rubber rings around the leds and the naked plexiglass pieces in the case and screwing it all together with the case inverted
2) Putting the black rubber rings on the plexiglass pieces, staging those in the lid and trying to screw it together while inverted
3) Putting the black rubber rings halfway onto the plexiglass and trying to assemble it inverted

No matter what I do I can’t seem to figure out how these things work. Can anyone point me towards some directions (preferably with pictures)? This has easily been the most frustrating part of the build and I’m so close!

They are shrink tubes that shrink when heated. I used a hair dryer at max :slight_smile:

I understand how heatshrink works but I don’t understand how all the pieces should be arranged to hold the plexiglass in place.

Look here

That is incredibly helpful. Thank you!