HOW TO: Forum Post Formatting Tips ( embedding image,hyperlink etc. )


I was having difficulties with formatting my posts as it is not straightforward to post images , hyperlinking urls or making my text bold etc.

Then @pichenettes mentioned and provided this link which describes Textile markup language and enlighten my day.

So I would like to propose my help and provide links for detailed information about Textile and formatting options and give couple of useful examples which might help other boardies.

Information about Textile and Formatting options

Textile Reference

Useful examples

  • If you would like post an image use this !imageurl! ( Replace imageurl between exclamation marks with your image url ).Note : Resize your pictures accordingly ( 320x240 px or 640x480 px ) so it does not make forum look weird when viewing.
  • If you would like post a clickable url use this "linktext":url ( Replace linktext between quotes with your text and replace url after colon with your url that you would like to post ).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

maybe this can be made stickie…

This was actually a part of the forums “back in the day”… Wonder why it was removed?
*The link to the textile help was down near the attach a file & cancel options

I’ve taken note about it: we can make a little help page on the forums with this info for the new version (since there will be a template overhaul). In the meantime I’m sure Olivier can make this sticky. thanks a lot for taking the time to compile this help post

@rumpelfilter You are very welcome

let me know ; If anybody think something is missing or revision is necessary.

I can offer my help in general ( web related ) as much as my personal time allows me.

besides the ones you already listed I would add some of the morst used (or most useful) ones as a quick reference:

Bold *text*

italic _italic_

code you can input code by adding an “@” before and after the text, this is what I used to show you the textile syntax here without textile actually parsing it.

  • some unordered list
  • with multiple
  • items
    `* some unordered list
    • with multiple
    • items (please note the space between the “*” and the text`

and maybe change the title in HOWTO: post formatting or something like that.