How to filter out "All notes off"

Hey all.
First time post here.

I built a MidiPal, and all went as planned.

My goal is to remove the stupid “All notes off” commands that my Roland D50 and MemoryMoog+ send when ever you release all keys. The problem is stuff like my MPC interprets these commands literally and stops all samples playing.

I made a custom sysex for a ‘User Prog’ using the ‘filter’ and basically filtered out everything except ‘note on & note off’

It seemed to work as it filtered out pitch bend info etc, but the dreaded ‘all notes off’ command is still getting through.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for me on how to proceed?

Kind regards

Filter everything except note messages: check everything except note on / note off and select “Filter out” action.

Filter everything except clock & start / stop: check everything except realtime and select “Filter out” action.


What about if I want to filter everything except note messages?

ie, no program changes, no pitch bend, no CC’s.

Also, I want another application where ALL info is stripped except Midi clock & start / stop messages. How would I go about that?

Thanks very much for you assistance!


“All notes off” is actually a CC message

Try this:

  • Event type = “control change”
  • Data A = 120 to 123
  • Action = “Filter out”

When filtering everything except notes does that mean that sysex is being filtered out as well?

I really need a sysex filter for my Tenori-On and its not very clear to me if/how MidiPal can be set up to remove all sysex from the midi output.


since 1 week i have a tenori-on and this week i finished my midipal. i can check things if you let me know how/what exactly…

Thanks for the response. The Tenori-on sends out sysex messages every time you press a button. Those messages cause some midi to C/V interfaces to lock up. So I need to filter all sysex from the midi output of the T-O. If you can let me know if there is a way to set up midipal so that there is no sysex in its output stream I’d be very grateful.

And will be buying one immediately.