How to clone a Mutable module

Hi there,

I am interested in building a clone of a Mutable module. I am an electronics hobbyist and have nearly completed building my first module using Eurorack-blocks.

I would like to eventually develop musical instruments using the STM32 chips. Cloning a Mutable module seems like the logical next step as it would teach me me more about the circuit layout and how the schematic works. It would also provide me with a reprogrammable DIY module to try out firmwares on.

Does anyone know of a guide to cloning Mutable modules? Or could provide me with some information on how they achieved it? Perhaps it is hidden in some corner of the internet I’m not finding for some reason?

I’m imagining cloning Plaits, as it is my favourite and has a range of controls I could enjoy mapping to some of the synth software I have written. Perhaps there is a reason I should choose a different module to begin with?

I should mention, I have no experience coding in C and that learning this is also a high priority for me. I’ve been getting by with Gen~ and and Daisy Seed. It seems to me that if I can first understand how the electronics work in the Plaits, then ask a coder friend to explain to me in detail how the open-source Plaits firmware is structured then I will have a good idea of which parts of C I need to focus on learning. Does this seem like a sensible approach? I hear that learning C more generally might be overkill and not that helpful.

Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!

Wrong forum!

You probably did not bother reading it, or just closed it, but the rules displayed when joining this forum make it clear that this place is only for providing support to customers of factory-made modules.