How to build Shruthi-1 plexiglas enclosure?

Just now,Shruthi-1 plexiglas enclosure arrived my home.
But,There is no document for how to build.
How to build Shruthi-1 plexiglas enclosure ?

easy way: bottom panel: check for the little arrow near one hole, that’s the left front hole.
put 4 screws through the holes and fix them with the nuts.
add the filter board and fix that with the hex spacers.
add the control board, fix it with screws.
then comes a bit of fiddling but it’s no problem.
attach one side panel (watch the direction, concave goes inside i believe)
then first put a screw through the hole in the bottom and hold a nut there from the side of the honeycombs. direct the screw in the nut and tighten just loosely.
same on left side
then attach the back panel, secure with audio nuts, add the screws just loosely.
then the front panel, attach it to the side panels like you did on the back.
after all is done just tighten all screws just as much that you won’t crack the enclosure.
good luck

Look here

Or read point 14 here

I’ve used a small magnet to hold the nuts while I thread the screws for the enclosure.

Thank you very much ;D

I held it together with masking tape until the screws were in.

I used Jedi mindtricks. Force push isn’t just for droids y’know? I never had any grief or swear words when I just held a corner of the nut with my needle nose pliers. The tape did make me swear

+1 on the needlenose. Still working on the vaderpinch.

+1 for small pliers.
I dropped the screws inside the case all the time, before i figured out to use pliers

Usually i hold the case upright, slightly angled so the screw would slide out if i didnt hold it with my fingers - insert the screw and ready you are.

i do it with my blacksmith fingers. usually they fall inside once or twice but the great design allows them to fall out immediately without opening again :smiley:
it’s easy actually. i have the screw on the screwdriver and once you feel contact just turn it, the thread catches the nut and it’s done

Thats the reason for all these HexHoles on the sides - actually these are not ventilation Holes, its MountingAccessoriesRecoveryPunctures™

Where did you get this Picture of me? PRISM?

Dr. Strange is back !

I never was away…