How to achieve Out 2 as inverted phase clone of Out1 on Peaks twin LFO mode?


I’m trying to make sense on how the “Initial phase” pot and trigger resets on Peaks LFO mode work without a dual input oscilloscope.

Since I don’t have any signal-inverting module for the moment in my system (getting a Shades soon), I would like to take advantage of my Peaks to achieve a simple LFO modulated panning effect with my MST Stereo Mixer.

The idea is to send the two outputs of Peaks with one being an inverted copy of the other to separate VCAs sending audio to do panning the mixer.

Help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

I guess you’d ned the clocked lfo mode and clock both from the same clock. Otherwise they would drift away from each other

I’ve been tooling around with this for a bit and maybe it’s my scope but I’m actually struggling to really see any results from the phase position knob that I can make sense of.

I had peaks in split mode, both channels on Tap, the same clock multed to both inputs and while both channels displayed the same wave at the same point, I couldn’t seem to shift the phase of either in the sense that I was expecting to.

I guess i’d always misunderstood ‘Phase on restart’ as shifting the starting phase position when it receives a high value at the input/button although I still couldn’t get the scope to show me a different phase regardless of the knob settings although there’s a high chance of user stupidity here.

So should the first half of the knob make the waveform positive on a trigger/reset and 12 o clock onwards negative?

I don’t (yet) have a Peaks so can’t comment on specifics, but phase shift is not the same as inversion. Only on symmetric cyclic waveforms will 180º phase shift give you actual inversion. From that I suspect at no stage in the knobs travel is there any ‘inversion’.

It’s the specifics here that are being discussed though. Well aware of how phases work in relation to waves, unsure how peaks knob and the manual’s ‘phase on restart’ are related as when looking at it on a scope there wasnt any obvious shifting or inversion of phase to me so curious find out how that knob and the reset button work.