How much vertical space left for regulators? got them switched


I’ve been stupid. After reading the instructions multiple times, I still switched the two regulators. Got them out both, but reinsirting them is a pain. I got them in somewhat and I get correct voltages allover but it doesn’t look clean and they stock out some 2-3 mm extra.

Apart from the question of I should try again, is there even room for this extra height?

Thanks so much. Hopefully this is the last muck up…


Stock is stick, sorry!

Take a spacer from the bag to check… You don’t have much headroom, sorry!

22mm between the boards but you must subtract about 2mm for the pins from the Chips and Bits above - so you have 20mm airspace.

If you can desolder the joints you can then heat a pad and press the regulator in further. Doing one side at a time (and not heating it too long).

Thanks all!

Spend an hour, held my nerves with a cup of tea, but succeeded! Took some sanding paper (is that English ?) to clean the regulator legs , heated the holes from top side and succeeded to suck out the holes from the other side. Voltage perfect, so off to a problem free journey to shruthi pleasure… :wink:

Thanks again!

Desoldering braid would have been better than sandpaper :slight_smile:

But you got it working which is all that matters.