How much does it cost to get panels cut, engraved or printed?

I’ve got a few smallish projects on the go which I need to put into cases. A WSG from MFOS, a small power amp which is to be put together, and I’m also considering making a couple of things in the future, something like a dub siren box and also been thinking about some euro rack sized modules made from the MFOS circuits for VCOs LFOs etc (a bit of a dream to build a modular one part at a time).
I know that people on this forum are making some great looking projects with metal panels. Are people getting the panels cut and finished at a particular company? I remember Schieffer coming up in a discussion once.
What sort of costs are involved in one off runs? For say a panel around 20 x 15cm, or Euro modular size?

Either Schaeffer, or Julian F from the UK company The Beast can cut metal. Julian supplied my 9090 front panel plus the panels for the two MB SEQv4 and my 6582 and did a wonderful job. Schaeffer cut the 8U panels for the modular and they also came out very nice.

I think that Julian is a bit cheaper so check with him first.

@Jojjelito do you have a URL for Julian- can’t seem to find him…


Ahh, sorry 'bout that. The Beast is at

+1 for the beast! I received a MB6582 panel in red and love it!

Wow - thanks for that link - good to know that such experts operate in the UK.


re the beast , a very odd site to look at , and never has any stock.

Julian’s been moving, but he occasionally writes over at MIDIbox and is active on the 9090 group, Facebook etc. It’s a good idea to shoot him a mail or give him a call to discuss your project or needs.

I like the various x0xb0x:es displayed… Hmm.

Ok, cool good to know there is someone in the UK. That site’s links don’t seem to work at the moment though. Has anyone got any rough ideas on prices? I know the Scheiffer software gives a cost but it would be nice to get an idea before I install it.

I have also had a thought that if blank plates are available then they could be silk screened, I’m happy to drill holes but its engraving and printing I can’t do.

I think with Schaeffer a panel of your recommended size with 3 mm anodized alu and all cutting and engravings will end up between 70-80 € including taxes.

those links have not worked for very long time …more than 365 days …

thanks nightworxx, that is more than I expected but not surprising. I think for what I need it is too expensive. I think what would be better for me would be silk screen printing. I think that this is the technique used for commercial front plates, at least for low to mid range gear.

I think I will go off and do some research into how to screen print. I remember people doing it at art college but I never did it myself.

Also I wonder if there are kits of cnc mills for small scale production. It would be a very cool thing to own. More research to be done.

Well, screen printing looks like a good option, here is an example of nice diy radio panel.

radio panel

Just found a guy in the UK who does custom panels for synths, prices start at £30 for a moog modular panel. Looks very nice:

custom panels

screening is great but the upfront cost makes is prohibitive for one offs. If you go this route MAKE SURE the person has printed on metal before, they should be using epoxy based ink. I had a place that specialized in metal screen printing do my x0xb0xes and they came out glorious

on my to do list - probably a bigger version of this

Just came across this site which has kits for laser cutters, various routers, and even a component picker and placer allowing population of PCBs. Looks nice.

This is a good video showing a pro way of doing the panel painting, a spray on paint that is hardened in a laser cutting/engraving machine.

Laser Etching Paint