How many Shruthis does everyone have

I’m just curious to know how many Shruthis y’all have? And which filter boards, if you feel like going into any more detail.

piscione total 6 - 1 SMR mk1 XT, 1 SMR mk2 XT, 2 ladder XT, 1 4PM, 1 Polivoks

The emperor with no clothes. That’s always the way it is.

1. 4PM
2. Digital/FX

nightworxx total 3 - SMR MK II modded - Polivoks - 2 Ladder XT 19 " 3 HU (real men version)

Five: SMR4 Mk2, Yellow Magic, Polivoks, 4 Pole, Ladder

5 I think. IR3109, Polivoks, Yellow Magic, Digital/FX, 4PM. SMR MkI board in my Sidekick, and an unbuilt Dual SVF and Ladder boards. Crap, I just remembered I have an unbuilt XT board (w/embarrassing wire) too.

*edit-just sold Polivoks

Lost count. All of the filters (SMR4mk1, mk2, IR, SSM, CEM, Digital, Dual, 4PM, Polivoks, YM, midnight ed, ladder) plus an extra or two and the playground PCB with a Wasp filter core (in progress). 2 of them are XTs, 2 metal cases which are way nice.

6 whole Shruthi’s… (did have 8)
1, SMR 4 MK II
2, SEM 2044 or whatever the chip is in there…
3, Yellow Magic
4, 4PM
5, IR3109
6, Polivoks

Plus a Sidekick with the SMR4 MK 1 filter.
PLUS! Some extra filter boards (2 X IR3109, 1 X CEM, 1 X Tubeohm Ladder) Im not quite sure what i’ll do with these yet…

> Im not quite sure what i’ll do with these yet…

A museum?

I have built 3:
Smr xt
Smr mk1 for sale
Dual Svf RME

1 yellow Magic in the works and boards for a 4 pole and ladder.

The real question is; how many did you build?

> A museum?

It already looks a bit like one in here! :wink: In all seriousness, i’d rather they were put to use. If not by me, then by someone else perhaps.
At one point I wrongly believed you may eventually make more devices which used these filter boards. Hence a bit of a collection :wink: I’ll probably sell a couple of the built boards eventually. Although I confess to being better at hoarding than selling…

Ok…… you want it, you get it:

0 - Shruti
1 - SMR-4 MK1 #001
2 - CEM3379
3 - IR3109
4 - SSM2044
5 - Dual SVF
6 - Digital FX
7 - XT, Dual SMR4MK2 + TubeOhm Ladder
8 - Polivoks
9 - 4 Pole Mission
10 - Yellow Magic
11 - 19" XT CEM3379
12 - Midnight Edition
And enough Boards on stock to build another 5… or 6…. approximately. If you want to know why, look here

Just the one SSM, but that is a testament to how flexible it is. :slight_smile: I did not build it as I could not find the filter chip at a reasonable value.
I am looking forward to the other special edition re-releases. I’ll have to get at least 4 eventually for the poly mode.

@Luap: >I confess to being better at hoarding than selling…
I know that feel. It’s not bad. :slight_smile:

1 - SMR4 mkII
2 - TO-LAD-4tr
3 - Polivoks (ordered yesterday)
4 - 4-Pole Mission (ordered yesterday)

Metal enclosures for all of them.
Thanks go to pichenettes, Adrian, rumpelfilter, tubeohm

Total of 5

1 - 4 Pole Mission
2 - Digital FX
3 - Yellow Magic
4 - TO-LAD-4tr
5 - SMR4 mkII

Five built (SMR4 mkii, YM, 4PM, Ladder, SVF), three to go …

1! CEM Pichenettes build. Ive bravely fought the gas, but a Ladder XT might sway my hand.

1: SMR4mkII, clear case
2: SMR4mkII, clear case, rectangular LEDs -> TO-LAD-4tr*
3: 4PM*, yellow case, rectangular LEDs
4: dualSVF* v0.2(sob, no ghost…), altitude red Soviet case

  • unassembled, but all parts to hand for Xmas-NY soldering binge.

1 4pm 1 Yellow magic 1 ladder XT.
. 2 sidekicks.,polivoks and smr4
2 unbuilt ones, smr4 and SVF