How many Shruthi-1s (Shruthies? Shruthiya?) do you have?

Just browsing my transaction logs and seeing some names recurring quite often :slight_smile:

So how many do you have?

  • On my desk, always messed with and partly disassembled: 3 digital boards (v0.4 and v0.5 with ZIF sockets for flashing chips, v0.6 which I used for firmware development ; red, blue and green LCDs) ; one of each filter board.
  • In the “electromonstres” box: 1 digital board v0.2 without screen, 1 digital board v0.2 with green LCD, 2x SMR4 board v0.1 (filter crashes on one of the power rails at some cutoff values), 1x CEM3379 filter board v0.1.
  • Ready to be demo’ed and/or sold: 1 CEM3379 Shruthi (green PCBs!) with clear enclosure ; 1 SMR4 Shruthi with smoke enclosure.

I guess this could qualify as… 6.

1 Shruti-1 (The Mean Green Machine - and maybe partly credit can be given for the parts for 2 more Shrutis i have in the drawer…)

1 Black PCB v0.5 / SMR 4 #001 in a classic clear Enclosure

1 Blue PCB v0.5 / SMR4 as Testmachine for the soon to be reveiled EXFILINATOR ™

1 Black PCB v0.6 / CEM 3379 (The Blacky Programmer one with the ultra rare and mystified v0.6 Board)

and a SSM Filter board that is somehow lacking a Digital board.

That makes 4,5 or - 3,5 if only machines with an h count - altogether. I’m a poor Guy…

One and a half!

I bought a whole kit from the November 2010 batch (0.5 boards). Love it! But I was curious how the SSM filter would sound. So I bought an SSM pcb and chip set. Self sourced the rest of the parts myself (Not too bad) built it, tested, tuned and fitted it. But ultimately I kinda preferred the original SMR-4 board, so that went back in.

Obviously I ended up with a completed SSM filter board kicking about. Thinking it would be a shame to waste it, I ordered all I could from you today (PCB’s, case and cpu etc) so I could build up the other half to create my 2nd Shruthi.

On the subject of parts, you don’t sell the LCD screens any more? I really wanted one of the red ones you used to stock. But alas they are longer in the shop… I guess it shouldn’t be too hard to track one down though!

Simply 2 SMR4 shruthi’s…I might like to build a SSM2044 as monopoly chip sounds like yammi to my ears…

1 Shruti-1
1 Shruthi-1
both still more or less ghetto style
and a box with all parts to try to do one on perfboard.
plans for more filter types, though
intention to build the other filter types too is a better way to put it
makes still less than 2

Two Shruthi-1 for now with SMR4 in both.

I also have two unassembled kits here that I will assemble soonish, but they are for a friend. He was too impressed by the ones I had to not buy a pair for himself, so I will solder them for him for a couple of pizzas or something. :slight_smile:
And FYI this guy has owned a lot of synths (Q, MS-20, MS-10, SH-101, Monopoly… the list goes on forever) and is not easily impressed.

I currently have 3 Shruthi 1
1 Black PCB v0.5 / v0.1 SSM2044 Filter with polystyrene caps and big electrolytic caps, green LCD
1 Black PCB v0.7 / v0.7 SMR 4 Filter with polystyrene caps and big electrolytic caps, green LCD
1 Black PCB v0.7 / v0.5 CEM3379 Filter with immense electrolytic caps, blue LCD, no chip and enclosure.
but I’m waiting for new stuff <3

one shruthi itching to hang out with his big bro. soon…

quite tempted to do a trio, will see how i get on with douphony first i guess…

1 shruti
1 shruthi SMR4
1 shruthi SSM2044

I think I’m interested in a playground PCB. One thing I’d like to try is to transcribe the LM4250 VCF schems that recently popped up to +/-5v operation. It’s pretty compact, and interesting too cause the filter doesn’t use a cap, you adjust the slewing of the LM4250 with a current setting pin. Looking for a small-ish VCA to pair it with, and perhaps a pt2399 delay could be fit on this board as well! That’s asking a bit much out of the protoboard, i know, but it would be a good starting point.

1 Shruti-1 (with the CEM3379 removed, so more for looking at than using at the moment)
1 Shruthi-1 SMR4
1 Shruthi-1 CEM3379 filter board that still needs the extra wire put in to fix a botched solder job on the input jack

The plan is to fix up the CEM board and swap it into the case as my “main” Shruthi-1, then to buy another control board and parts, combine it with the SMR4 board and build all of that into one of those Guitar Hero controllers for a Shruthi Keytar. I’ve been a bit short on time and money (and been using the little time I do have to play with Arduinos) but I’m itching to build the keytar so I can see that happening at some point in the next couple of months, assuming you have the stock.

2 Shurti-1 fully functioning and inseparable by choice. Like twins.
1 Shruthi-1 base model w/clear enclosure and blue boards SMR-4.
Like to try out the other Shruthi-1 filter variations in the future.

Hmmmmm… if so many people have more than 1 Shruthi… maybe there is need for a PolyShruthi? *HINT

1 Shruti cem 3379
3 ShrutHi cem 3379
They are not in a case yet, 2 will go in one big machine (2 MBSEQV4, SIDV1, SID 6582, TR9090, Speakjet, MBFM, WTPA 8 filters ssm2044 effects…) et 2 will go in another big machine for my wife (MBSEQ V4, sammish SID, MBFM, MB808, 2 WTPA + 4filters ssm2044 +effects).
I think the cases will be built this summer!
i will post pics when it will be done…

I got 4 functioning units without enclosures, which I’m almost done sorting out, and I bought a playground I intend to work with at some point. I had to replace two ruined control boards.

2 SMR4s
1 CEM3379
1 SSM2044

1 Shruti-1
1 Shruthi-1

both fully assembled on my desk, plugged into my setup and frequently in use.

thinking about adding a second Shruthi-1


Just the one here.

Would like another one (my screens a bit wonky on this one) and a mates keen two. Might self source 2x.

Id like to try the CEM version but the chips are stupidly expensive, unless anyones got a hookup?

Also would love to build a version of the synthacon/steiner filter for this, sounds amazing, but needs +/-15/12v. Although doesnt the filter board start off with 12v? …

Think im trying to run before i walk a bit. Can you buy these playground pcbs BTW?

Still amazed how relatively easy it was to put together such a powerful little great sounding synth (with of course many thanks to rosch and frank who held my virtual hand throughout!).


Ive got more ideas than my electronics knowledge allows to realise at this point tho unfortunately. Im ordering the parts for a steiner clone very soon so will make up a ‘outboard’ version first, get my head round it and see if it can be shruthitised!


deleted again, fingers faster than brain

1b shruti-1, 1 shruthi-1 SMR4

Not enough.