How many patches are in a Shruthi bank?

I thought I had read somewhere that the Shruthi can store 144 patches. However, the patch numbers on my Shruthi go all the way up to 464. I can store/recall patches above 144 so there seems to be more locations than that.

However, this begs the question, how many patches are there in a Shruthi bank? If I dump the entire bank for backup, will it dump all 464 patches or just the first 144 (or 128)? In other words, does a Shruthi bank consist of all patches in the device or some subset of the 464 slots?

If anyone knows I would appreciate the info.

The answer depends on the eeprom chip installed on your unit. The first batches of kits had a 128k chip that provided enough storage for 144 patches. But the kits that have been sold over the past 2 years have 464 patches; and when you do a backup/restore, the entire memory will be saved/restored.

Ok, great. Thanks for the info!

my shruthi stops at 80, can you help? I bought it 2nd hand, as I don’t know squat about using a soldering iron…

It’s very likely that your shruthi has an eeprom with only 64kbit. If it is socketed you can easily swap it with a bigger one (128kbit, 256kbit or 512kbit).