How many octaves can Shades tranpose in each direction?


I am considereding getting into eurorack to solve some compatibility issues between my MIDI devices. I want to sequence my microGranny sampler with my SQ-1, but the microGranny uses notes C-1 to F-1 to map the different samples, and my SQ-1 cannot transpose notes, and seems to send something like C3 as the starting pitch.

I am wondering if Shades could solve this problem. What is the full extent of the transpose range, for positive and for negative offsets? Can Shades offset by four (or more) octaves? Does it matter whether the incoming CV pitch is in major, minor, or chromatic scale?

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+/- 5V if the jumper is set to 5V or +/- 10V if the jumper is set to 10V. Unipolar (only positive) is also an option.

Note that there’s no “notch” at octaves - you’ll have to slowly and meticulously turn the knob to find the right position.

An addition is an addition, irrespectively of the input numbers.

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Understood, I’ll have to play with the controls to find octaves by analog. In theory, what’s the maximum number of octaves this module could shift?

Answered in my previous post.

1V = 1 octave!

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Consider the Doepfer A-185-2 if you need a direct octave control.


Ah, okay makes sense.

And to be sure, Shades can effectively subtract, by adding negative offsets, yes? I just want to be sure before purchasing any modules.

Yes: +/-5V = adding or subtracting any number of octaves between 0 and 5 (or any interval in-between). Keep in mind that the larger the range of the knob, the more difficult it’ll be to find the exact spot for an exact number of octave.

If you’re only concerned about adding or removing octaves (only -4, -3 … +3, +4, but not anything in-between), I strongly recommend the Doepfer product mentioned above, since it has 4 individual switches that can be activated to remove/add an octave.