How many midipals?

There’s a thing I want to do. If I play my A synth and want the B synth to play with a midi delay, I need a midipal, ok.
But if I want to continue the delay chain to a C synth delayed from the B synth, do I need a second midipal?


For that, you would need the ability to have the delayed notes switched to a different channel and the MIDIpal does not allow that without firmware modification.

So one day I will have to understand firmware mods, I,m ok with that.
But for now I will start with one midipal and maybe next, an ambika:)

Thanks pichenettes !

Would it be possible to do this by polychaining and a bit of creative patch editing?

I think what Denis wants to do is have a note that has 2 echoes, each of them played by a different synth. I don’t see a way of making sure the right note is played on the right synth without “tagging” the 2 notes by sending them on two different MIDI channels.

A > Midipal with delay> midipal with dispatcher -> B/C might work?

This won’t guarantee that the first echo is played on synth B and the second echo on synth C.

Right. :slight_smile:

want to explain the right way :slight_smile:

I want to play a chord on A synth,
1 second later the same chord is played by the B synth,
and 2 second later, by the C synth.
That’s why I Wonder if I need one or two midipal…

I believe two slightly modified MIDIpals will do it: you’ll need 3 way midi thru with MIDIpals connected between midi thru and synths B and C. Both MIDIpals have to be modded so that the Delay app does not pass the dry notes. This could be done by filtering out note on/off events in void Delay::OnRawMidiData().

hi kvitekp,
it’s seems logical and right…:slight_smile:

thanks for the tip