How long are parcels held in customs clearance?

I got the tracking package message:

“Your parcel is held by our services. We are waiting for its customs clearance.”

I have never seen a message like that in ordering something before, is that a normal part of the process? Does it usually take multiple days to get through customs?

It has for me.
Are you in the USA?

If you are, if you paste the Colissimo tracking # into the USPS website, it should have more detailed tracking info.

Yes it is normal and it takes 2 or 3 days.

Thanks. yes I am in the US.

Fresh pants: I did not know I could use the # in USPS, that totally worked and gave me way more info.

I’ve had one of four orders here examined by US Customs. Best guess is that they ‘spot check’ stuff every now and then. You didn’t order an Orangina case by any chance?

Thankfully, customs has only opened a package from MI once so far. Unthanfully they barely put it back together. Came with a brokeded Ambika top panel (which is being plastic welded by Frank!) Typical packages from Olivier come from a week of shipment to Chicago.

@greenrange I did get a yellow case, but I ordered separately as suggested

QP: sounds like it will be alright it made it to California today.

Customs must be on an orangina quest. IMHO, fcd is ‘up to something.’ (again) :slight_smile:

@thecyantist - glad your kit arrived. The Aunushri is wonderful and quite useful.