How does technically work Yarns' note priority?


I’m just wondering how is handled the gate re-triggering. For the envelope to be triggered, the gate must shift from low to high. So when you hold (legato) a note, the next note has to set the gate down then up again, right ? Am I right to assume that it necessarily implies a small delay ?


Yes, this causes a short delay.


Thanks. Small, like 1ms ? I guess that some envelopes are more ‘sensitive’ than others ?


It’s set to 0.5 ms. Unfortunately, I’m now aware that there are envelope generators which required a more pronounce “dip” to properly retrigger. Are you having a problem with a specific envelope generator?


No issue at all. Just curiosity, as I remember facing this issue a few years ago with an Expert Sleepers module and Max MSP.
Also got (and sent back after it fried itself and my computer’s mother board) an Endorphines Shuttle Control that I found was dramatically lacking this function.


My Doepfer A-143-2 (Quad ADSR) and my Multimoog doesn’t respond to re-trigger from Yarns’s gate outputs. It works fine on my diy Roland 100M 140 ADSR, on my GMSN Pure ADSR and on my Pro-One. Can we expect a firmware upgrade that would put a longer gate-off time to the re-triggering process? 0.5 ms is very short…