How do you repair a wonky pot?

Not really related to Mutable Intruments gear, but since this proved to be a great place to ask such questions in the past: I have two monitor speakers that have wonky pots. Basically I get noise when turning them, and I often have to move them around a bit to get sound at all.
Is it something I can easily fix? I haven’t opened the speakers yet, but will do if it’s worth the effort.

Quick and dirty: use some Kontaktspray

Standard operation Procedure: desolder old pot and replace with a better one

Best solution

Can’t do much to fix a clapped out one. Some cleaning spray will only go so far.

If it’s just dirty you’re lucky, but it tends to be sliders that get really dirty and need cleaning.

Using the 420s without a treated room is an absolutely insane waste of money, go for the 120s…

I’ll get a pair of Adam A5X sooner or later (probably more like later), in the meantime I think I’ll try to replace the pots… any suggested ones? I’d like not replace these with some other crappy ones.

Anything that fits and is from a trusted source ;) Just throw in the stuff you use for your DIY builds and you will be fine till the A5X show up or the end of days whatever comes first.

Happy with the Focal Alpha’s I have.

Ok, thanks a lot for your help and advice!

To be honest, nothing you didn’t already know - maybe besides 6581punks preference for focal - right? :wink:

yeah that’s true, but I didn’t know if there were things I didn’t know.

You try to place a knot in my brain, don’t you?