How do you record videos?

With my old desktop i use the webcam plus the Scarlett audio interface but with the Mac Mini (OX 10.8) can’t find a way or a program to do this.
What i want is just to record audio and video in real time, any help on this??

do you have a photo camera of some sorts? You could use that…most cameras can do video.
The problem is that you might have to manually sync the video to the audio

I record videos with my DSLR, and record the audio simultaneously from the mixer into my audio interface with Audacity or Logic.

I record a “clap” (single, percussive loud note) at the beginning of the video for assisting me in syncing.

I use Quicktime or ffmpeg to extract the audio tracking from the DSLR ; and open it in Audacity. Then I add the track recorded from the audio interface ; and align it to the original audio so that the “clap” is aligned. I mix the original audio from the camera with a -15dB or -12dB gain so that ambient sounds are still present (makes it less sterile). I export the mix as a .wav file and use Quicktime to replace it into the original video file from the Camera (can be done with ffmpeg took). I save the resulting file and crop/re-encode.

Yes rumpelfilter that what i’m trying to avoid. Have photo camera and miniDV…
Seems like i’ll try Olivier way.

iMovie will also let you extract audio, add the audio, view waveforms, and sync to a clap with a small amount of effort. It all gets done in one application which is nice

Zoom Q3HD is easy for that,
it has line in :

easy and good sound, no autofocus and basic video
but you can use cellphone lens for more fun

I just use my idiot-proof (sometimes called a point and shoot) camera, a Panasonic DMC-ZS3. It has a stereo mic and works just fine. The Nikon D7000 records nicer video but the mic is mono and I still haven’t figured out how to get it to use the Zoom H4N instead. The H4N does great audio.

Final cut has a plugin for auto-syncing a recorded video to an audio track… you just need to record the same audio (I suppose the output from your instruments) through the camera’s mic, then let the plugin do its magic

You can also sync in ableton. I drop the video in its own track, mix it with the audio (that I recorded in ableton) and export.

Didn’t remember Ableton also works with video, that’s good…

I use an iPhone with Movie Pro, a nice Protection thingie with a thread so i can mount the iPhone to a tripod and use MobileIn to record Line Level Audio and just any mixer i have at hand. Perfect Sync.

I’ve done film score work in ableton…super easy

Panasonic AG-DVC30