How do you plan on housing your shruti?!

Well, what do you plan on doing? Over at the wtpa forums hammond boxes (extruded and ns1790) was already discussed, but I am really curious what you people plan on doing! Maybe someone plans to rip up an old midi / usb keyboard and build the shruti into that?

I am kinda planing ahead since the wtpa was really some heavy metal work on that big hammond box i put it in (wouldn’t do it again), and I think I would like to go a route that is a little easier on me, my time and my drill. Maybe a plastic box?!

  • The 2 of the first testers who are in Paris know a guy who can make custom enclosures and metal faceplates. I’ll let you know more when I see the results, but it might be possible to get him to make more faceplates.
  • The people at Pedal parts plus have told me (3 weeks ago) that they were getting a CNC machine! They said it would take a couple of weeks before they started taking orders, and I am eagerly waiting for that!

I usually go three routes with cases for my projects,

1) The Pactec PT8/PT10. These are the sloped plastic cases used on the x0xb0x, Midibox MB6582, and a couple other kits out there. Reasonably cheap (~$30), spacious, and easy to work with. They come in two sizes. This is the PT8 I used for my WTPA:

2) Front panel express. These offer the most flexibility since you can make them just about any size you want but they are pricey. For my rack units I just get the front and back made and buy 1/16" aluminum sheet for the top and bottom. My 2nd x0xb0x is based on one of these enclosures very similar to this:

3) Hammond extruded aluminum enclosures. These are anodized aluminum enclosures consisting of a base with sides, a sliding top, and front and back plates. These look very nice and you can do the work yourself since it is thing and easy to machine. Cheap also. This is what I foresee for my Shurti-1.

Being a machinist by trade, I am pretty comfortable doing a lot of the work myself but for more complex stuff, I always just send it to front panel express and have them do it. They will take anything you send them and machine it for you. I have had the do several of my enclosures and they are always on point and provided you DONT get the engraving done, very affordable. This is my MB808 they did based on a Hammond slopped aluminum case:

Thanx for all this advice :slight_smile: Like Pichenettes said, i know someone wich can make faceplate, but he told me that with square button it’s a lot more expensive than without…I will try to buy some round one @ digikey and he will make me a prototype…

About 40$ @ Front panel express! great! (without serigraphie :slight_smile: )

EATYone: Do you have dimensions for the PCBs? Can you share your faceplate FPD file?

The round buttons are: digikey:EG1091-ND. I’ve ordered a big bag of 100, they will arrive in a couple of days so if you want to get those instead of the square ones with your kit, let me know!

i’m down for the round ones for sure

hmmm…I might be into the round buttons too.

Alright… But it would be helpful for me if this didn’t degenerate into a “which LED colors do you want? And which knob line color? And do you want an AD823 or a lowly TL072? Red or white LCD color?” customization fest! So maybe I’ll switch to round for everyone…

Sounds good.

Altitude: no definitive FPD file here, just on paper for my neighbour wich will make my proto.

PS: Pichenettes si tu peux m’en mettre de coté je t’en achète un lot, et je veux bien participer aux frais de port :wink:

EATYone: No worries, I just noticed the brd files are available so I can work off that …

Ok, did a concept for the front panel in FPE

Front Panel

I didnt look up which LCD is being used so what is there is simply an example of one I use often. This of course has all the bells and whistles like blind threaded holes and a recess for the LCD so it will sit very high in the panel (looks nicer) and even with all that it came in at $49 usd. With no counter bore for the LCD and straight holes for the stand offs, it is $25. The rear panel would be ~16

Based in the PCB size, the smallest extruded Hammond case is the 1455P1601 which looks like this

and runs $24/28 at mouser depending on whether you want natural or black

So is the only way of having buttons go through a face plate by mounting the PCB to the top of the case? I’m sorry for being a noob.

That’s the logical thing to do. You could mount it on the bottom surface but then you make the alignment of everything considerably more complex

If you want to go the bottom mounted way, you can get those (20mm high) almost everywhere. There are 10mm and 15mm high versions, too, and with 1mm bolts you can get any height.

Altitude u cant do like this, i cant tell u why now, i’ve got my baby in my arms :slight_smile:

you could also use panel mount pots and buttons (if you can find nice buttons at a good price). that way you’d have the pcb where you like it.

Altitude with the lcd, there is an extra pcb of 2,85 cm on the left i u want to center the lcd with the pots, look at photos here:

(don’t find how to join photo in message lol)