How do you get clickable links in your posts?

I’ve seen that here while others just are plain text URLs which need to be marked/copied/pasted.
thx - Michael.

by reading this: :slight_smile:

aaah … oh …
PS: Funny - I suppose this post already stuck at the top of the list b4 I posted this - I just didn’t notice it - sorry, need sleep apparently. :-/

You can also google “textile markup” which will get you to the Wikipedia page.

Sorry, i have same problems. My link is not function! See my example:



Noiseconformist: don't worry happens to us all! :)rolfdegen: just remove the @ symbols but leave the quotation marks and it will work.

Great thanks. Its function now…

I had the same problem. I think the instructions for links on the Formatting thread is somewhat misleading with all the @ symbols.

Also had that problem. And i still don’t get what the @s are there for in the explanation.

EDIT: I thought we were talking about this thread. In olivier’s post it’s alll clear.

Yup, I read O’s forum formatting post again, and it sure mentions to remove @ characters (I could’ve sworn it didn’t). My mistake.

yeah the problem is that if he had written it without the @ symbol textile would have turned it into a link of course :slight_smile: