How do i make a shepard tone

How do i make a shepard tone with this system.

I am Very very close to have a shepard tone here :slight_smile:

Ears+rings+ zverb shimmer red,red,yellow, need EG for smother tone, and maby some Other stuff to make it perfect :slight_smile:

I had been sitting for over 5 hours playing with patches and to find shorter patches with the same results. then my child came on I am Very very close to have a shepard tone here :slight_smile:

my 6 year old came and played with the euro rack for 5 minutes and said my Chile wanted to test ears, I said no it’s too much work and repatching, however gave me and I started patching so that my child could use ears and steer a little on the knobs, and after a few minutes I just said stooooop and she had created a shepard tone a little shaky and I fiddled a little but did not come out really, but very close, I need to add EG and a little lfo pch a little more finesse then it will probably be a super good shepard tone based on this system hahaha so damn cool :slight_smile:

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Nice, can you show how to make it on my system ?

They just did. Do you need a spoon?

I dont have all that stuff with phase ect, so plz dra on my system of you know how to do it on there, cant do it my self buy Will try more.

Thx for the understanding in the patch will figue out how to on my system.

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