How do I get rid of the hold in the envelope?

I can’t find any mention of this feature anywhere, but for some reason when the envelope is staying fully open after the attack phase for about a second or a second and a half before the decay phase. Depending on the patch I’m working on the hold duration changes, sometimes it’s not a problem at all. Have I accidentally enabled an alternate version of the envelope or something? Am I just not understanding how this works? I’ve searched here but come up with nothing unfortunately.

Check the mod matrix, there might be something modulating the envelope depending on velocity?

There’s no hold at all on the envelope, and no way to enable it.

I suspect you are just experience the phenomenon of parameter saturation.

Let’s say cutoff is currently set to a value of 100. You have the envelope mod set to 63. So envelope would ideally reach a maximum of 163 and then decay back to 100. The problem is that the cutoff parameter cannot exceed 127. So what happens is that the cutoff parameter will stay at the value of 127 during the time the envelope make it go from 163 to 127. You won’t hear any noticeable change. Then it’ll move back from 127 to 100.

This is not a “feature” of digital synths only. On analog synths too, the right combination of modulations can cause the sum of all CVs (modulation + front panel knobs) to clip - giving the illusion that the CV is stuck. While it is just the combination of the CV + front panel knob which keeps the parameter in a region where you don’t notice the difference.

So this situation can be solved by reducing the envelope modulation amount; or by adjusting the base value of the parameter so as to give enough “headroom” for the envelope to modulate.

If this is not what you have observed, then please give me the details of a patch (ideally a .syx dump) in which the problem occurs.

So the envelope amount parameter defines how far above the cutoff the filter will open? I always thought it was relative, as in, envelope amount set to max would open the filter 100%. TIL.

I have the init patch open and if I change the filter envelope to 63, cutoff to 38 and attack and decay to 75 and 93 resp. then I get this effect. The attack and decay times sound correct but the filter stays open for about a second or more. Are you saying that at these values the filter should only reach a max of 101? Surely then this topping out should not happen? I’m not saying you’re wrong by the way, just trying to understand!

I’ll see if I can figure out how to save a .syx file!

Actually, even when I turn the envelope amount down to 14 I can still hear it stay open before decaying…

Well, there might be other modulations applied to the filter cutoff (for example, from velocity) - in which case the envelope + base value + velocity modulation are causing the saturation.

Yep, in any synthesizer the modulation signals are just added together. If you want you can use the operators to add the two modulators then use the second operator to divide them to make sure they never exceed 127. :slight_smile:
Also, you can use this “hold” saturation to make some great percussive tones with snappy envelopes.